Miura IC602 Irons

NEW!  When designing the IC-602, Shinei Miura sought to create an iron that could deliver both distance and forgiveness but also a look, feel, and sound worthy of the Miura name. The IC-602 has seamlessly blended these characteristics with a traditional look, which gives intermediate and advanced players the confidence to shape their shots with precision.


The solid feel and sound of the IC-602 sets itself apart from many conventional hollow bodied irons by marrying the solid Miura feel with ultra-reliable distance control. The compact head design delivers distance without compromising the precision expected from a Miura iron.


Efficient use of the most technologically advanced materials. The body, made from 8620 soft carbon steel, works seamlessly with the very durable chrome molybdenum (chromoly) in the 3 – 9 irons while using the consistent and reliable S35C steel in the set’s scoring clubs. (PW and GW.) A strategically placed tungsten weight inside the hollow body ensures a lower COG and higher launch. The injected polymer guarantees the IC-602 resonates with the signature sound and feel of a Miura iron.


The Miura Versatile Sole (MVS) performs regardless of a golfer’s attack angle. The sole shape delivers solid contact with unparalleled turf interaction. The unique step on the trailing edge of the sole serves to minimize the turf contact after impact allowing golfers to feel the club head release resulting in the ability to deliver maximum compression to the ball, regardless of swing path or attack angle.

-Call/text or email for pricing.  Available in RH only.

MODEL 3I     4I    5I   6I   7I   8I    9I    PW GW
LOFT 20* 22* 25* 28* 31* 35* 40* 45º 50º
LIE ANGLE 60.5º 61º 61.5º 62º 62.5º 63º63.5º 64º 64º
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