Miura CB1008 (Black or Chrome)

Miura Golf proudly introduces the CB-1008, the latest players’ cavity back iron. Forged from a billet of soft carbon steel, the design features a low center of gravity with an optimized sole width.  The sole design (7 iron width is 19mm) contributes significantly to the playability and forgiveness of this club.

The Miura family uses their proprietary forging process to expertly concentrate the densest part of the head behind the sweet spot. This allows the golf club to deliver the ideal trajectory with un-compromised feel.  The theory is that Miura wanted to create the feel associated with a perfectly executed shot with a Blade iron in this new CB model. It was also important to deliver a top line and profile at the address position which projected confidence to the golfer. The distribution of weight in the sole, combined with the lower COG, delivers an optimal trajectory through the entire set.

Call or email for pricing.  Available in RH only.

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