Miura CB302 Irons

Shinei Miura asked himself, “Why can’t all golfers enjoy the benefit of a penetrating ball flight, something usually targeted towards the better player?” What does this mean for the golfer? The player is no longer sacrificing any aspect of iron play for added forgiveness. This achievement has been realized with the new CB-302, the longest forged cavity-back iron ever produced by Miura Golf.


The CB-302 is a testament to the skills of the Miura Craftsmen. This iron promised to be a visually stunning iron during the original design stages, but the final product was able to transcend the Miura forging process.


A precise amount of camber, leading and trailing edge relief, featuring Miura’s iconic Y grind, deliver improved performance regardless of a golfer’s swing trajectory.


Possessing moderate offset, the CB 302’s strong and confident inducing shape will soon become hallmarks of this new iron.


The CB-302 is the largest sole width (19mm / 7 iron) we’ve ever produced at the Miura factory, rewarding the golfer with optimized forgiveness.


Producing an iron that looks this good challenged the limits of our forging process, specifically how it relates to the use of soft carbon steel. Highlighted by the shape of the cavity, the CB-302 features optimized weight distribution and is unique to each irons’ loft. The design of the ccavity focuses the impact power at the apex of the V-cut. Allowing for effective distribution of weight between the heel and toe, while delivering a penetrating ball flight with maximum forgiveness.

Available in RH only.  #4 thru PW, GW.  Call/text/email for pricing.

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