Miura KM700 Irons

NEW!  Our newest model epitomizes Katsuhiro Miura’s endless pursuit of perfection. While drawing on 65 years of design excellence, Miura-san also nurtured the input of the talented Miura craftsmen. The result is a model so special, you can find his personal Hanko stamp each iron.  The KM-700.

Miura irons are highly regarded  for their ability to deliver performance on off center hits. The KM-700 has taken this to another level. The innovative toe-cut grind works in concert with the hosel / heel to optimize the center of gravity position, effectively producing a  larger “sweet spot”.  The toe-cut grind is also visible on the sole. It delivers a stable head, optimized impact loft, and unparalleled turf interaction all while promoting a return to square at impact. This revolutionary club head design will benefit golfers of all levels.


Head Loft Lie FP (Face Progression) Weight (g) Length
4 23º 61º 4.5 251 38.50
5 26º 61.5º 4.8 258 38.00
6 29º 62º 4.8 265 37.50
7 33º 62.5º 5.0 272 37.00
8 37º 63º 5.0 280 36.50
9 41º 63.5º 5.0 288 36.00
PW 46º 64º 5.0 298 35.75
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