Mizuno MP20 MMC Irons

NEW! The new Mizuno MMC Irons. The 2nd generation of Mizuno’s multi material concept – with a thinner topline and refined scoring irons. Based on the chassis, set flow and proportions of the MP-20 muscle back – engineered to be more playable through the use of Titanium muscle plate and Tungsten sole weight. Grain Flow Forged HD from a single billet of 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon Steel – layered within soft Copper plating and protective Nickel Chrome for legendary feel and feedback.  One of the fundamental design principles of the MMC is to blend a better player preferred aesthetic with modern technology.  As with the blade, Mizuno isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel here. The MMC is what it has always been, albeit with a few subtle changes to geometry and weighting – and of course, the copper underlay – all designed improve feel and dial-in the desired performance spec.

As a refresher, the MMC is a multi-material iron that leverages a titanium insert along with Grain Flow Forged HD 1025E mild carbon steel. The titanium insert allows Mizuno to maintains the thickness behind the hitting area, while still freeing mass that can be pushed to the perimeter to boost forgiveness.

Taking advantage of the different contraction rates of steel and titanium during cooling, Mizuno can lock the titanium in place with no welds or glue, which theoretically means it has no impact on feel. That said, some golfers the MMC doesn’t feel quite as good as other Mizuno forged offerings. For what it’s worth, Chris Voshall tells us that, with the addition of the copper underlay, the new model feels significantly better – more like a blade. This feels like the right place to add our your actual mileage may vary disclaimer.

Beyond all the sweet buttery copper, what’s different about the MP-20 MMC is that, for the first time, Mizuno isn’t using exactly the same Titanium insert for every iron. By shaping the titanium used in the 4-7 irons differently from that used in the 8-PW, Mizuno doesn’t have to design every iron to fit around the same piece of titanium anymore. Instead, the latest iteration of the MMC has what Mizuno describes as a more normal sole progression (wider in the long irons and narrower in the scoring clubs).

That bit of reshaping brings with it thinner toplines, along with lower/deeper CG in the long irons (high launch), and more workable short irons. It’s everything that most better players want.

As you’d expect, the MMC is more forgiving than the MP-20 MB and as an additional point of reference, its sweet area size (Mizuno’s preferred forgiveness metric) places it between the JPX919 Tour and the JPX919 Forged. Though it certainly trends to the players side of the spectrum, the critical detail here is that it’s not brutally unforgiving.

A comparison of trajectories also places the MMC in the middle of the MP-20 lineup.

Available in #4 to #9, PW in RH only.

Call, text (403-528-7007) or email for pricing.


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