TOM WISHON 730CL 8 Piece Set for Slower Swinging Golfers

NEW!  Extra thin face design expressly for golfers with a swing speed of 80mph or lower to increase ball velocity. Golfers with a swing speed of 90mph or higher are NOT to use this driver as the face will fracture.

– The 730CL driver is designed with a High Launch loft of 16° for swing speeds of 80mph or lower to attain the proper launch angle for maximizing the distance potential of golfers within this swing speed range.

-The semi-offset hosel design contributes to fade/slice reduction and allows for the more rear located CG position for higher launch angle and more control.

-The 730CL driver is designed with Wishon Golf’s innovative GRT face for true launch angle consistency regardless of point of impact.

-Finished in a very striking deep claret red with bright satin polish highlights

Fairway woods designed expressly for golfer with a swing speed of 80mph or lower to maximize distance.

– Long Fairway (20° loft) and a High Fairway (26° loft) are the ideal fairway wood lofts for golfers with a swing speed of 80mph or lower.

– Designed with true Zero Roll to ensure consistent launch angle.

– Medium shallow 32.5mm face height to lower CG for more ease in getting the ball up to fly longer.

-The #5, 6/7, 8/9 hybrid body 730CL irons, combined with the conventional PW and DW have 6° loft increment for adequate distance difference between clubs for the golfer with slower swing speed.

-730CL Hybrid iron face heights progress in face height – wedge face profiles designed to blend in face profile to the 8/9 hybrid iron.

-“Split-level Sole” design of the 730CL hybrid body irons plays like wide sole conventional iron.

–Available in right hand only
Steel Shaft: available but unlikely

Graphite Shaft: driver (1): $249.00

fairway woods (2) : $149.00 each

Hybrid irons (3): $99.00 each

Wedges (2): $79.00 each

Or buy the complete set for $899.00 (savings of $103.00).

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