Tom Wishon – “Sterling” Single Length Irons – RH and LH.

NEW!  A Unique Set Design to be Built to One Length for all Clubs to Deliver a Perfect Match of all Elements of Swing Feel for shot consistency.

Features: Single length construction ensures all possible elements of swing feel are identical for each club in the set – same MOI, same total weight, same headweight, same balance point – to offer the chance for improved shot consistency.

  • Identical length and lie allow the golfer to use the same stance, same posture, same swing plane forimproved shot consistency.
  • Choice between high COR #5 hybrid or traditional high COR #5 iron with high COR #6, and 7  to match to offer proper distance for the low loft clubs at the shorter single length. Other single length sets may lose distance with the low loft clubs.  
  • Conventional cast carbon steel in the #8 to gap wedge with 5* loft increments blend with the high COR design of the low loft clubheads to offer proper distance gaps and proper distance with the high loft clubs. Other single length sets may generate too much distance with the high loft clubs.
  • Available in a #4 iron thru 9 iron, PW, Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge.  #4 iron added this year (2017) in RH only.  #5 iron can be substituted for a #5 hybrid design if desired (#5 hybrid in RH only).  I find the #5 hybrid launches the ball much higher the the traditional looking 5 iron even though they are the same loft.
  • Sterling Single Length can be built to 36.5”, 36.75 or 37” length for each club as fit by the Clubmaker for the golfer’s comfort and preference. Contrasts with most other single length sets being created for a 37.5” length – which can generate too much distance with the high loft irons.
  • Intended to be custom fit with any Wishon Golf S2S iron shaft model and flex to meet the swing speed, transition/tempo and release point of the golfer.
  • Available in RH and LH.   
  • Call or email for pricing.

For complete information on the technical benefits of single length set construction, we offer this complete Q&A about single length iron set technology.   Check out Mark Crossfield’s video on YouTube where he tests this single length concept.  Copy and paste this link: 


Clubhead 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW AW SW
Loft 19 23 27 31 35 40 45 50 55 
Lie 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63  63
Weight 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274  274
4.5 4 3.5 3.5 3 3 2.5 2.5 2.5


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