Wishon 308 Micro Pro Tour Wedges (LH and RH)

NEW!  A unique redesign of Wishon’s bestselling wedge model, with the most versatile sole design in the game.

-Traditional sole, classic round profile shape stands as a truly superb overall shape with pleasing set-up behind the ball.

-CNC Milled Face with Wishon Golf’s proprietary Micro-Groove™ scorelines to maximise every golfer’s ability to spin the ball. Tests with Trackman® launch monitor verify a 1000rpm increase in spin rate compared to typical U-groove scorelines on a glass bead blast face.

-Wishon Golf’s proprietary Zero-Bounce heel grind ensures the leading edge of the face remains low to the ground when the face is opened for cut/finesse shots.

-PCF Micro Pro wedges are produced in a durable satin nickel/chromium electroplated finish.

-Available in both RH and LH in 52, 56, and 60 degree lofts.  Lofts can be adjusted if desired.

Steel Shaft:  $119.00                          Graphite Shaft:  $129.00

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