Maltby KE4 Mallet Max Putter

NEW!  The Maltby KE4 MAX Milled putter features a modern mallet profile, bold alignment lines and extreme weight adjustability for improved directional and distance control on the putting green.

Multi-Material Construction – The KE4 putters are 100% CNC precision milled carbon steel and aluminum for a superior weighting and feel. The face and the sole of the KE4 MAX putter is made from milled carbon steel that is attached to an upper body and crown alignment plate precision milled from aluminum. Three, 6 gram, high density stainless steel sole weights are precisely positioned into the sole of the putter. These 8 pieces are tied together using 4 stainless screws creating a high precision 12 piece construction.

Precise Alignment – The milled alignment plate of the KE4 MAX putters is exactly 1.68″, which is the width of a standard size golf ball, to help frame the ball in the address position. Three bold alignment lines assist in assuring proper alignment.

Customizable Head Weighting – The KE4 MAX putter head features a 370 gram stock weight that can be customized to reach a weight range from 358 grams to 394 grams (36 grams total) using the Maltby Torx screws.


  • 100% Precision milled, 12 piece, multi-material construction for extremely tight specifications
  • Modern mallet profile – 1″ face height, 3.4″ length and 4″ width
  • Weight adjustable range of +/- 36 grams using Maltby Torx screw weights (MTW002)
  • Parallel CNC face milling for a true, consistent roll
  • CNC milled 1.68″ aluminum crown with bold alignment lines for improved directional control
  • 90 degree bore angle accepts multiple 90 degree double bend shafts and the Maltby putter hosels (like a plumbers neck if you prefer a straight shaft).
  • Head Cover included
  • Available in RH only
  • Call/text or email for pricing.
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