TOM WISHON SR2 Putters (Model 1 in LH)

Four different TWGT heel/toe putter designs, each with CNC milled face and sole.

– Double CNC milled face for precision face flatness to ensure accuracy.

– Unique CNC milled sole provides a narrow, flat surface for accuracy in the address position, with a milled, elevated leading and trailing edge to eliminate “stubbing” the putter on the green during the stroke.

-Model 1 has 3° of loft, a 71° lie angle, weighs 345gms, accepts a straight putter shaft, and is the only model available in LH.

-Model 2 has 3° of loft, weighs 350gms, and accepts a Double Bend Putter shaft due to its 90° bore.

-Model 3 has 3° of loft, a 72° lie angle, weighs 345gms, and accepts a straight putter shaft.

-Model 4 has 4° of loft, a 74° lie angle, weighs 380gms, and accepts a straight putter shaft. This model is ideal for a Belly Putter due to its heavier weight.

–Available in right and left hand.

Price: call or e-mail for price

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