Miura K-Grind 2.0

NEW!  The K-Grind is designed to produce better results from a variety of conditions. The sole is fluted which bears a striking resemblance to finger tip impressions. These channels reduce the resistance against the wedge in sand, thick rough and fairways, delivering great contact and better results.

Our signature “Knuckles” or “Fluted” sole design, engineered for enhanced stability across all turf conditions. These wedges boast a Tour-inspired aesthetic, combined with Miura’s renowned forged feel, meticulously handcrafted through Miura Golf’s 14-step manufacturing process.


The 2.0 features a more modern sole design with increased bounce and roll along with heal and toe relief.


The K-Grind 2.0 boasts exceptional stability, reliability, and a steadfast ability to maintain a precise path upon impact, courtesy of its unique knuckle-enhanced sole design. This innovation parallels a train smoothly and securely following its tracks, delivering consistent performance.

-Available in 52*/08, 54*/10, 56*/11, 58*/13, & 60*/10.  RH only.

-Call/text or email for pricing.

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