Miura Tour Wedge

NEW!  The Tour Wedge Series introduces golfers to the coveted legendary feel. Unlike other clubs that prioritize distance, this forged wedge emphasizes the precision and control essential for scoring. A new design, this is Miura’s inaugural use of CNC milling for the face and grooves, enabling unparalleled spin control.

With a Tour inspired look with Miura’s world-renowned forged feel these wedges are hand forged using Miura Golf’s 14-step manufacturing process. Like all forged irons from the Miura factory, the grain structure within the club head is the tightest in the industry. This creates less dispersion on off center hits as well as more control, regardless of the lie or conditions. The tour inspired head shape confidently aligns the golfer allowing for pinpoint accuracy.


The leading edge is appealing as it looks to promote a ball first strike, even with the face set up wide open.


This new design is the first from Miura using CNC milling for the face and grooves, allowing for ultimate spin control.

-Available in 48*/07, 50*/07, 52*/10, 54*/10, 56*/12, 58*/10, & 60*/10.

-Call/text or email for pricing.

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