Tom Wishon 919F/D Fairway Drivers

NEW!  A Superb Fitting Option for More Control on Tight Holes.

-Call it a control driver to hit more fairways on tight holes.

-Call it a smaller driver for those who can’t stand the typical large 460cc volume drivers.

-Call it a larger size fairway wood for players good enough to hit a little larger head shape off the deck.

-Call it very long in terms of distance too. . . . . (and don’t forget, with its bendable hosel, the 919F/D will be able to be adjusted +/-4* for lie and face angle and hand selected for lofts between 10.5 and 15 degrees)


-Designed for the golfer who needs more control off the tee or wishes a much smaller size driver head.

-Thin, variable thickness, high strength steel face for high 0.830 COR for maximum distance.

-Bendable hosel for a wide range of fitting options for lie and face angle, +/-4* from spec.

-Can also be played off the fairway by more skilled players who want every bit of second shot distance on long holes.

-Available in RH in 11* and 14* lofts, cosmetically designed to complement the appearance of the 919THI Drivers.

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