TOM WISHON 919THI Drivers (RH & LH)

NEW! Wishon 919THI Driver:

• The new look 919THI Driver retains the ultimate range of custom fit adaptability, designed with Wishon’s unique proprietary bendable hosel.  This allows for bending for face angle (square, open – if you tend to hook, or closed – if you need help with a fade/slice) as well as lie angle…up to 4 degrees in any direction for face angle and lie angle.

• Variable Thickness Face with High MOI delivers the best off canter hit performance in the game.

• All 919THI drivers undergo 6 separate face thickness QC checks during production to ensure the highest conforming smash factor.

•  The 919THI is available in RH in Low Launch (9º), Mid Launch (11º), High Launch (13º), and High Launch+ (15º), and LH in Mid Launch (11°).

  • Headcover included.
  • Email or call/text 403-528-7007 for pricing and additional information.
Clubhead 1 1 1 1 1 Tol.
Loft 9 11RH 11LH 13 15
Lie 58 58 58 58 58
Weight 203 203 203 203 203
Volume 460 460 460 460 460
–Available in right and left hand.
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