TOM WISHON Junior Future Pro Driver and Fairway woods

Wishon Future Pro Junior Metal Woods.

– The Future Pro dark blue finish, stainless steel driver and fairway woods offers a quality alternative to cheap aluminum and zinc heads at a “parent friendly”, economical price.

– The Future Pro driver and fairway woods are designed with TWGT’s hosel weight bore to allow proper weight fitting.

– Designed primarily for junior players, ages 6 to 11, with increased lofts to ensure early shotmaking success in the game.

– Optional Future Pro steel and graphite shafts available to allow for a wider range of shaft fitting and price consideration to the parents.

– Also available are Future Pro Junior steel ironheads #5, #7, #9, Wedge, and putter.

Clubhead 1 3 5 Tol.
Loft 15 20 25  
Lie 52 53 54  
Weight 195 204 213  
Volume 250 130 130  
–Available in right hand only
Steel Shaft: call or e-mail for price. Graphite Shaft: call or e-mail for price.
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