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Mizuno FLIHI Hybrids

NEW FOR 2023! Mizuno has introduced the JPX Fli-Hi in a bid to meet every golfer’s demand for greater playability and easier ball-flighting potential at the longer end of the bag. “We see a lot of players with moderate swing … Continue reading

Mizuno Pro FLIHI Driving Iron

NEW!  An Authentic Driving Iron.  A long iron replacement with a priority on ball speed – the Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi is designed to be played with a Hybrid shaft. Relieved of the constraints needed to flow through a complete set, … Continue reading

PXG Gen4 Hybrids

NEW!  3 different models to choose from with different price points.  The 0317X Gen4 hybrid, the 0211 hybrids, and the 0317X Prototype hybrid.  Check out PXG’s website for more info on these 3 models. -Call or text 403-528-7007 or … Continue reading

Mizuno 2020 CLK Hybrids

NEW FOR 2020!  With an eight-way adjustable hosel, the CLK hybrid can be precisely set to fill the distance gap between your longest iron and shortest fairway wood. Whether you are a better player with higher swing speeds or someone … Continue reading

Mizuno MP20 Hot Metal Long Irons

NEW FOR 2020! Although these are available in a full set of performance hybrid irons – in a sharp ‘tour ready’ profile, the #2, #3 and #4 are quickly becoming recognized as an easy to hit,  fantastic long iron replacements … Continue reading

Tom Wishon EQ1-NX Hybrids

NEW!  The EQ1-NX Hybrids represent the most unique and versatile hybrid design ever created through a greatly expanded internal weight addition capability to allow custom assembly to match single length irons or to be played at conventional hybrid length.  • … Continue reading

TOM WISHON 775HS Hybrid Irons (RH & LH)

NEW! 775HS Hybrid Irons. -An All New Hybrid Design with Thin Face, High COR Performance and a Unique Soft Stainless Steel Hosel for a Wide Range of Lie and Face Angle Fitting Options. FEATURES: -Thin, High COR, High Strength HS … Continue reading

Tom Wishon 318RS Hybrids

NEW!  Wishon 318RS Hybrid/Irons. Features: Twin Rail sole design enhances a smooth travel through tall grass and Bermuda type grasses while maintaining completely normal performance on short fairway turf. Special custom heat treatment process enables the 431 stainless steel face … Continue reading

TOM WISHON Di595 Driving Iron

NEW!  Lower CG, Higher MOI Driving Iron design technology with High COR Face for better distance and control. Designed to be played as a pure driving iron on tight par-4 and par-5 holes or as a hybrid alternative for golfers … Continue reading